The European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion

Virtual 4th MiECTiS Symposium” Global Web Meeting

On behalf of MiECTiS Board of Directors we invite you to actively participate at “Virtual 4th MiECTiS Symposium” Global Web Meeting, which will take place on Saturday June 26th, 2021 at 09:00-12:30 EST (15:00 – 18:30 Greek local time). 

The event has been submitted for live broadcasting by CTSNet.

Due to the current and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic conditions, the previously scheduled 4th MiECT Symposium was postponed and is now scheduled for June 16th to 19th, 2022 in Canada. Thus, MiECTiS opted for an event so as to bridge its activities. “Virtual 4th MiECTiS Symposium” will be an open web meeting from the Society aiming to provide a novel forum for current research by way of abstract presentations and state of the art lectures. Both the abstracts and the lectures will be asynchronous with the meeting and available for on-line viewing and comments and questions from Jun 1, 2021. During the live “Virtual 4th MiECTiS Symposium” the presentations will be commented upon and questions and discussions will follow. There will also be a brief awards presentation for the top 3 abstracts submitted. The live audience is urged to participate with comments and questions. 

We hope this event will contribute to keep active the network that has been formed on MiECT and it will ultimately provide the scientific background for the upcoming 4th MiECT Symposium. We are looking forward to your valuable contribution and we aim for a fruitful and productive web meeting.

Preliminary Program 4thMiECT Symposium

John Murkin

President MiECTiS

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