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17th European Conference on Perfusion Education and Training / Vienna

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16th European Conference on Perfusion Education and Training / Barcelona

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15th European Conference on Perfusion Education and Training / Amsterdam

Amsterdam 2015 - van den Barselaar Peter - Welcome to Amsterdam


Amsterdam 2015 - Sikora Normunds - The proper delivery pressure for cardioplegic solution in neonatal cardiac surgery- an investigation of biomechanical and structural properties in neonatal and adult coronary arteries


 Amsterdam 2015 - Metin Kivanç - Efficacy of minimized circuits on CPB in pediatric cardiac surgery


Amsterdam 2015 - Durandy Yves - Evaluation of the benefits and safety of miniaturized circuits on blood transfusion in < 10kg pediatric patients 


Amsterdam 2015 - Anastasiadis Kyriakos - Modular minimal invasive Extracorporeal Circulation (MiECC) Systems as the standard practice for performing Cardiac Surgery 


Amsterdam 2015 - Mazzei Valerio - Feasibility of utilization of miniaturized CPB during aortic valve surgery including minimally invasive approach


Amsterdam 2015 - Baker Robert - Transfusion, Independent of Anaemia is Associated with Mortality after Cardiac Surgery:Multicentre Analysis using the perfusion Downunder Collaborative Database


Castellani Debora - Technical strategies to reduce hemodilution


Amsterdam 2015 - Jones Timothy - The role of Simulation in Perfusion


 Amsterdam 2015 - Belliato Mirko - vv-ECMO: the ‘LANDING monitor real time contribution’ for adequate patient’s respiratory function 


 Amsterdam 2015 - Stone Andy - Single Centre retrospective Investigation in a routine use of a new Oxygenation System


Amsterdam 2015 - Hernández Abaunza Mónica Patricia - Comparative Study of Del Nido versus Custodiol Cardioplegia in Adult Cardiac Surgery


Amsterdam 2015 - Dada Jessica - Challenges to Perfusion Practice following the Introduction of an Intra-aortic occlusion Device in a Centre with experience of Minimal Incision Cardiac Surgery


 Amsterdam 2015 - Andrejaitiene Judita - Postoperative Delirium in Patients after Cardiac Surgery: Incidence, Risk Factors and Outcome


 Amsterdam 2015 - Ferguson James - The comparison of the gold standard blood gas to the real-time Spectrum Non-Invasive blood gas monitoring system for maintaining the patients physiological parameters during cardiopulmonary bypass 


Amsterdam 2015 - Fichera Dario - Separation of Extracavitary Blood during Coronary Surgery reduces Systemic Inflammatory Response, Hemolysis, Need of Transfusions & Postoperative Hospitalization


Amsterdam 2015 - Semenova Anna - Somatic NIRS-Oxymetry may reflect the Adequacy of Perfusion in Adults


Amsterdam 2015 - Temelkovska Aleksandra - Aortic Valve Surgery using only Blood for Cardioprotection


Amsterdam 2015 - Shehzad Faisal - Use of Modified Del Nido Blood Microplegia Technique in Adult Patients undergoing Coronary Revascularization and Heart Valvular Surgery


Amsterdam 2015 - Baker Robert - Continuous Data Management: a Building Block for Evidence and Quality in Perfusion


Amsterdam 2015 - Hamilton Carole - Gravity drainage using 3/8” venous lines. What are the limits?


Amsterdam 2015 - Vercaemst Leen - Blood Cell Trauma in ECLS – The Role of Centrifugal Pumps


Amsterdam 2015 - Miceli Roberto - The Application of the ECMO Circuit in Neurosurgery


 Amsterdam 2015 - Kanevsky Anatole - Technical Considerations of CPB Circuit for a patient with 2.93m2 BSA


 Merkle Frank - What is the Risk of Cardiopulmonary bypass?


14th European Conference on Perfusion Education and Training / Milan

Milan 2014 Blessing CCP Prescriptive Oxygenation

Milan 2014 Hella EBCP IN VITRO comparison of 3 types of oxygenators 

Milan 2014 Hella Poster IN VITRO comparison of 3 types of oxygenators 

Milan 2014 Raliene The influence of mean arterial blood pressure  

Milan 2014 Semenova NEURAL NETWORKS MODELS  

Milan 2014 Allegaert MO change  

Milan 2014 Azzolina Evaluation of Air Handling

Milan 2014 Bauer Minimal invasive Extracorporeal Circulation 

Milan 2014 Boer Protamine overdosing

Milan 2014 Ferguson Resting Heart

Milan 2014 Groom Addressing quality final

Milan 2014 Kairet Blood  Cardioplegia

Milan 2014 Merkle European Recognition  

Milan 2014 Murphy Personalized Transfusion Management in Cardiac Surgery

Milan 2014 Preusse Alleged Risk of Low Na Cardioplegia

Milan 2014 Puis International Survey Perfusion Practice

Milan 2014 Ranucci Hemodilution_Pressure 

Milan 2014 Rüffer Patient Orientaded Extracorporeal Life Support DP3 

Milan 2014 Runge Fx 05 Handling 

Milan 2014 Staessens Defining Optimal Flow 

Milan 2014 Vercaemst Roles and Responsibilities

13th European Conference on Perfusion Education and Training

Azau: Increasing mean arterial pressure during

Baldwin: Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension

Capelli: Defining Optimal Perfusion During CPB

Deen: Cardioplexol a new cardioplegic solution for elective CABG

Ferguson: A Comparision of 4 Integrated Arterial Filters

Figueira: Evaluation of changes in the consumption of blood products

Gygax: A new minimized extracorporeal perfusion system

Kaluza: Less hemodilution by integration of the arterial

Maier: First experience with the new Sorin Lifebox

Mata: Training Cardiac Team With Simulators

Meloni: Washout of Inflammatory Factors

Merkle: Simulation for Perfusion Procedures

Poster Dreizler:  Inspire

Poster Meloni:  Vienna 2013

Poster: Weaning AV Shunt

Poster: Schwirtz Comparison of three IntraAorticBaloons

Poster: Seyfried

Stehouwer: In vitro evaluation of two Neonatal oxygenators

Walsh: Could You Survive A Clinical Practice Audit

Webb: Has the Integration of the Arterial Line Filter into the Oxygenator impacted the Filtration Capability