The European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion

EBCP Privacy policy

The European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion (EBCP) processes personal information in compliance with this privacy statement. For further information, questions or comments on our privacy policy, please contact our general secretary at:

https://www.ebcp.eu/contact.html .

Purposes of the processing

The European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion collects and processes members’ personal data for customer and order management (member administration, (re)certification process, (re)accreditation process and invoicing).

Legal foundation for the processing

Personal data is processed based on Article 6.1. (b) required for the implementation of an agreement of the General Data Protection Act.

Transfer to third parties

The European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion will not share the members’ personal data with other companies.

Retention period

Personal data processed for customer management will be stored for the time necessary to satisfy legal requirements (in terms of bookkeeping).

Right to inspection, improvement, deletion, limitation, objection and transferability of personal data

The customer has at all times the right to inspect their personal data and can have it improved/improve it should it be incorrect or incomplete, have it removed, limit its processing an object to the processing of their personal data based on Article 6.1 (f), including profiling based on said provisions.

Furthermore, the customer is entitled to obtain a copy (in a structured, standard and mechanically readable form) of their personal data and to have said personal data forwarded to another company.

In order to exercise the aforementioned rights, the customer is requested to adjust the settings of their customer account in the used platforms (Twizzit).

Direct marketing

The customer is entitled to object free of charge to the processing of any processing of their personal data aimed at direct marketing.

Facial Recognition Registration during the 21st ECoPEaT

To provide a Covid safe, touch free, check-in in Barcelona we are introducing Facial Recognition registration! 

You will be sent a link before the event where you can upload your photograph and on arrival at the center your badge will print automatically from our registration kiosks. 

It is not compulsory for you to register via Facial Recognition, but it is safer and will save you valuable time onsite. 

Privacy & Security information regarding Facial Recognition:

  • The software scans the photo to create a "Facial Geometry," which is a unique collection of measurements of the face in the photo. 
  • Once the Facial Geometry for the event has been created, the software discards the original photo (the software does not store the original photos; it stores only the Facial Geometry).
  • All Facial Geometries are deleted within one week of the event.
  • Facial Geometries created for one event are not used for other events.

Further information and more detail can be found at: https://fielddrive.com/privacy-policy-biometrics .


The customer has the right to file a complaint with the Belgian Privacy Protection Commission (35 Rue de la Presse, 1000 Brussels - commission@privacycommission.be ).